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  • Otsuka Material Science and Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
  • Address1st Floor AB Area,Building No.10,No.471 Guiping Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
  • Tel+86-21-60917675
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  • Websitehttp://www.otsukamst.com.cn
Otsuka Material Science and Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. (OMST) was founded on March 21, 2013. OMST is invested by Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd. and it is Otsuka Chemical’s first oversea material research and development facility. Depending on its own state of the art technology, OMST is committed to the research, development and application of the functional materials and provide clients with the highest added value solutions. In order to ensure the clients’ products following the technical trend and market demands, OMST carries out the full aspect R&D works from raw material, formulation and process through molecular design, material evaluation and products evaluation.

OMST has the advanced rubber processing and measurement instruments to test the rubber compound properties. There are 1.5L internal mixer, open mill and plate curing press for rubber compound processing. There are Z010 Tensile meter, ShoreA tester from Zwick, Germany; DMA+1000 for dynamic property tesingt from Metrivib, France; MV3000 Mooney Viscometer, MDR3000 Rheometer, DisperTest3000 from Montech, Germany; Resilience tester and Akron abrasion tester from GOTEC; Thermal analyzer TG/DTA from HITACHI, Japan and other rubber measurement equipment.

OMST locates in the world’s largest market--- China, focuses on developing practical technology for people’s life and work hard for becoming the world top class R&D facility.

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