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Curing Press

Name: Curing Press Application: Vulcanization of various kinds of rubber specimens Parameters: Pressure: 50T Hot plate spacing: 125mm Temperature range: RT~+200℃ Temperature Precision: ±0.5℃ Woking layer: 2 layer Features: The he...

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Open Mill

Name: Open Mill Application: Rubber plastification, mixing and sheeting Parameters: Cylinder Diameter: 200mm Cylinder length: 430mm Cylinder Nip range: 0.1-8mm Speed Ratio: variable Temperature Precision: ±1℃ Features: The cylinde...

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Internal mixer

Name: Internal mixer Application: Rubber mixing Parameters: Volume: 1.5L Rotor Speed Ratio:1.152:1 Maximum Speed:100r/min Pressure of RAM:0.6-1.0MPa Features: The mixers’ rotor speed, rotor temperature, chamber temperature and etc....

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Aging Tester

Name: Aging Tester Test Item 1: Aging test of uncured and cured compounds Test purpose: Evaluate the property evolutions before and after aging Test Item 2: Permanent Compression Set Test purpose: Measure the permanent compression deformation...

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Temperature and humidity regulated oven

Name: Temperature and Humidity Regulated Oven Test Item: Aging resistance properties Test purpose: Measure the material’s aging resistance properties by simulating the environmental conditions during its usage. ...

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Name: DisperTester Test Item: Filler Dispersion Test purpose: Observe the dispersion of fillers (carbon black and etc) in the compound and evaluate the mixing quality of the compound. ...

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Specific Gravity Balance

Name: Specific Gravity Balance Test Item: Density Test Purpose : Measure the specimen’s density ...

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High endurance masterbatch HEM

High endurance masterbatch HEM Tire post Tread, belt, carcass, apex: dosage within 5% Product performance ● Improve product performance ● Improve the endurance of the tire summit part and bead part to extend tire life. ● Lower the co...

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Name: Resilience Test Item: Resilience Test purpose: Measure the hysteresis loss of the compound by pendulant method. ...

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High wet grip masterbatch HWM

High wet grip masterbatch HWM Tire post Tread: usage 30-100% Product performance ● Improve product performance ● The wet grip performance can be improved to EU level A or B with outstanding rolling resistance ● Lower the cost ● The ...

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Name: Shore A Test Item: Shore A hardness Test purpose: Measure the anti-penetration ability of the compound, evaluate its hardness. ...

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Low rolling resistance masterbatch LRM

Low rolling resistance master batch LRM Tire post Tread: Dosage 30-100% Product performance ● Improve product performance ● Reduce the tire rolling resistance to reach EU level A, B or C; Excellent tear resistance performance. ● Lowe...

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